Water Mesh

Atena's Green Technology is based on research into the interaction between natural energy fields and water, exploiting its electromagnetic language capabilities, defined by scientists as "Coherent Electrodynamics".

The experts, combining these recent studies with more than a decade of diagnostic activity experience on the problems of damp walls, have developed a perfect solution to solve all problems related to rising damp and water treatment.

Green Technology



The technology uses Schumann's Stationary Modes or Schuman Resonance named after the physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who calculated them mathematically in 1952.

The Schumann Resonance is due to small oscillations in the earth's magnetic field, which produce electromagnetic waves that resonate at extremely low frequencies of 7.83 HZ per second, creating a positive standing wave of energy that accumulates over time.

This phenomenon takes place in the space between the earth's surface and the ionosphere, the terminal part of the atmosphere located between 60 and 400 km from the earth's surface, which is composed of oxygen, nitrogen and ionized particles composed of positive ions and electrons.

Thanks to this technology, Atena's Research and Development department has developed a technological device ↗︎ born after years of research with Italian Universities and C.N.R. and which, using only natural energies, re-establishes a balance in the electric currents present in damp walls, restoring the ideal conditions for a natural and irreversible drying up of them.

Quantum technology is recognized by S.I.C.R. (Superior Institute for the Conservations and the Restoration of Rome) and monitored by the same institute in some sites where ATENA’S DRY UP DEVICE ↗︎ is used. It allows to say goodbye to rising damp in a non-invasive way, without electrical or masonry work of any kind.

Research and Technical Assistance

Academy Team

Atena has developed an in-house Research and Development centre for its products and qualified Technical Training for installation, monitoring and After-Sales-Service.

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