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Protecting a precious resource

Starting from a conscious use of water means respecting the environment and our planet.

This is why Atena wants to offer everyone the opportunity to be an active testimonial of this new revolution and innovation.

So not only enjoying the benefits that our devices offer at 360 degrees but also be active in this green revolution that will restore the right ethical balance on the planet.

Aqua line is based on Atenas' decades experience of research to ensure that everyone can make the best use of the element water in both domestic and industrial use.

Without any masonry, electrical* or hydraulic work, with Aqua line devices it is possible:

  1. Eliminate problems caused by limescale and ferrous particles in systems and pipes.
  2. Break down biofilm and bacterial charges in plumping and air conditioning system.
  3. Purify and bio-energize water from the tap and our aqueducts, removing bacteria, chlorine, impurities and heavy metals.

* except when installing Lotus Bubble Ice and Bubble Ice

Domestic devices

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The devices for domestic use for flats, villas even with swimming pool and small condominiums that improve water quality while protecting system

  • DOMUS +

The surface tension of water decreases, allowing a significant reduction, at least 50%, in the amount of detergents and cleaning agents used.
With Domus, families can have healthier water with organoleptic characteristics close to those of the source.

Purified and biodynamised water directly from the tap at home.

Lotus represents a new concept of water purification, through purification, ionization, biodynamisation and quantum information processes, in a completely natural way.

Without electricity consumption and without waste. Lotus devices do not use electricity but water pressure from the aqueduct to function.

It is placed under the sink, or behind the plinth. A two-way tap is installed to deliver purified and/or ionize water. Triple purifications and ionization system.

  1. It purifies water with double KDF Zeo system and ultrafiltration with hollow fibers membrane.
  2. It ionises by producing free molecular diatomic hydrogen.
  3. It biodynamises the water by revitalizing it.
  4. It informs water with alkalinizing frequencies.
  5. It informs the water with other plant and mineral frequencies.

Professional devices

Pro line devices are made to offer a major improvement to water characteristics, even on large volumes.

Our devices are installed in public aqueducts, industries, wellness centres and spas, in agriculture on different type of crops (fruit, extensive crop, fourth range, nurseries), green sports as well as medical and dental practices.

  1. It improves the organoleptic characteristics of water.
  2. It eliminates limescale and old encrustation.
  3. It cleans systems of old limescale and biofilm by reducing bacterial loads.
  4. It harmonizes completely all effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic disturbances.
  5. It energies rooms and makes them "lighter" through negative air ionization.
  6. It decreases surface tension allowing a significant reduction in detergents, cleaning agents, flocculants, algaecides and chlorine additives.
  7. It allows important savings in both running costs and plant efficiency recovery.
  8. The water, made bioavailable by Pro Green, significantly improves the vegetative aspect of the plants, producing fruit with better characteristics (ask for details of the experiment conducted with CNR ispa) and significantly decreasing parasite attacks.

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Wells and Aqueducts

It is used in all industrial situations where the use of water is necessary, both in the production cycle and in the washing cycles. The PRO device eliminates the problems of encrusting limestone an iron oxide particles. Its benefits also extend to areas of risk from bacterial infection such as Legionellosis. Removing limestone and biofilm from pipes, it reduces bacterial growth.

In three model: 30,45,120 meters of radius.

Gyms, Wellness Centres, Spas

The programming of devices made for spas and wellness centers is particularly attentive to environmental harmonization. Customers who enter in a “protected” Spa by Pro Wellness technology perceive a highly energetic, fresh and relaxing environment. The water of the pools increases in clarity and the smell of chlorine decreases significantly.

In two models: 30 and 45 meters of radius, for small and large centers.

Medical and Dental Practises

Atena is particularly attentive to the needs of medical professionals who, for work, make use of water as dentists. Pro Dental performs an effective preventive protection in keeping clean the pipes from limestone and biofilm of the water system through which flows the water that will feed the delicate equipment of the unit. The actions is particularly required in the presence of old condominium plants, building where dentists often stay. In this way the antibacterial treatment provided by the current regulations will have a safe effectiveness.

Coverage of over 300 square meters.


Pro Green technology has been tested by CNR Ispa since 2013 (ask for the documentation). The biodynamic water by Pro Green is more bioavailable and the effects are visible both in terms of vegetative growth and in the best quality of product. Tests performed on Kiwi fruits grown with “quantized” water, compared with the fields of "control" report a grater average size, a grater content of vitamin C (30%), a lower oxidative stress on humas endothelial cells and a greater duration (shelf-life) of the picked fruits. In zootechnics, the Pro Green contribution consists in eliminating limestone and biofilm from pipes and drinking trough.

Available with different flow rates – Operating range of 45 meters: coverage 11,300 square meters (over 1 hectare). Operating range of 120 meters: coverage 31,400 square meters (over 3 hectares).

Sport Fields

It is a variant of Pro Green with a specific programming for turf, available with different flow rates:

Operating range of 45 meters: coverage 11,300 square meters (over 1 hectare).
Operating range of 120 meters: coverage 31,400 square meters (over 3 hectares).



Remote analysis and control

Wired 4.0 is the latest generation telemonitoring system developed and registered by Atena srl to allow continuous control of the presence of moisture inside the walls.

The data acquired with the conductivity method (the impedance is detected, i.e the electrical resistance of the wall) by means of electrodes, installed in the wall at different heights, reports the moisture trend in real time. In addition, the temperature and relative air humidity and atmospheric pressure are acquired.

These data are transmitted to the Atena operations centre, which then processes and puts the graphs online, which can be consulted from both desktops and smartphones.

You can monitor in real time the effectiveness of the product applied in our project for the Donnafugata Castle in Ragusa

View real-time data ↗︎

Academy Team

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Each product benefits from the technical support of Academy Team ↗︎ , our team of technicians trained by Atena srl and always ready to assist the customer even after the installation of the product.

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